Swallow Jewellery Lookbook!

So this is my first blog post on my website and I am excited to start this off with my first ever lookbook! I was blogging last year in Japanese, never felt complete so I am going to blog in both English and Japanese:)




For my summer 2013 lookbook, I have a huge appreciation for Alana from dream, create. She is a super talented blogger, photographer, videographer, and more...every time I meet her she is working on super creative projects and she is committed to what she does. Thank you, for creating such a beautiful lookbook! A lovely model in my lookbook is Bethany. She is a gorgeous little thing, full of great opportunities for the future! 


この夏のルックブックを作るにあたって大感謝したいのはdream, createのAlana(アラーナ)です。才能のあるブロガー、フォトグラファー、ビデオグラファーな彼女はいつも会う度にいろんなプロジェクトに関わっていてしかもアイディアが尽きないすごい人。しかも美人…笑。そしてモデルになってくれたBethany(ベサニー)はキレイなのはもちろんだけど若くて元気で、将来が楽しみなモデルなのです。2人ともありがとね!



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