What is silver metal clay?

Silver metal clay pieces ready for kiln firing

Silver metal clay is a special type of crafting medium consisting of very small particles of silver mixed with an organic binder and water. It originated in Japan in 1990 and it can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using molds. I often describe the texture as Play-doh so you can probably imagine the endless possibilities of what you can create with this material. It easily takes on texture from various objects and this is why I’m able to make things like the hydrangea petal necklace.


The only downside to silver metal clay is that I only have 1 minute or so to work with it as the clay dries and cracks very quickly and easily. For this reason, I usually have all of the tools I need out on my work bench so I can access everything within my reach.

Silver metal clay pieces ready for kiln firing

I generally let the clay sit for a few hours to a day for drying, then I go through the process of shaping, filing, sanding and finally engraving (for custom orders). The pieces are fired in a kiln in my home studio to burn off the binder and they become pure sintered metal which is 99.9% fine silver.


Want to know more about fine silver and how it’s different from sterling silver? Read this blog post here.

Silver metal clay pieces right after firing

If you have any questions about silver metal clay or any other materials I use, please feel free to ask in the comment section below!




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